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Voltaire's Candide. USING IMAGES FROM THE DIGITAL GALLERY IN YOUR CLASSROOM STUDY. Because Candide is so full of dramatic incident, colorful.
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Religion was questioned, lack of faith was proposed, and new philosophies were introduced, like the philosophy of the sublime, and provided a convenient example for satirical thinking. What is happening as the musical begins? What is Dr. How is Candide related to Cunegonde? Which two people does Cunegonde catch in the act of romance? What do Candide and Cunegonde reveal to each other?

How do the Bulgarian soldiers get Candide to enlist in the army? What accusation do his fellow soldiers make against Candide? Where does Candide go once the war is over? What is the religious affiliation of the man who helps Candide? According to Dr. Pangloss, what has happened to Cunegonde and her family? What happens to the ship and crew during the journey to Lisbon?

What natural disaster strikes after they reach shore? Why are Candide and Dr. Pangloss arrested? What is an auto da fe? What surprise does an old woman present to Candide? What has happened to Cunegonde since Candide last saw her in Act I? Where do Candide, Cunegonde, and the old woman escape following the experience with the Grand Inquisitor? For what new mission is Candide recruited?

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ACT II 1. Who is chasing after Candide?

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To whom does he turn for help? What has happened to Maximilian? What causes Candide and Maximilian to fight? How does the fight end? How is El Dorado different from other towns? Why does Candide leave El Dorado?

What are his parting gifts? What mission does Candide give to Cacambo? How does Mrs. Vanderdender trick Candide, and what happens to her in the end? Which scholar has a philosophy opposite that of Dr. What do the theatergoers sitting around Candide think of the play? Where does Candide find Dr.

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Pangloss and Maximilian? What has happened to Maximilian since Candide last saw him? What has happened to Dr. Pangloss since Candide last saw him? Does Candide still believe Dr. Where does Candide find Cunegonde? What does the group decide to do together at the end of the musical?

If you had to give the musical a different name, what would it be and why? Voltaire gave his novella an alternate title; see if you can guess what it was! Why do you think Voltaire made the plot of Candide so fast-paced, and the transitions so abrupt? What is the funniest part of the musical, and why? What do the names Pangloss and Candide mean, and how are they fitting names for those characters? With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do.

Pangloss a good example of that point? How does Dr.

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Pangloss remain consistent in his philosophy, and how does this prove to be harmful? Is it realistic? What purposes can dialogue serve, other than persuasion? In what ways do you believe that free will is silenced in the world today? Give examples. Remember to use topic sentences and to support your answer with examples from the musical. What symbolic role do gardens play in the musical?

When do they appear, and what do they represent?

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Should it be so? Do you agree with Dr. Why or why not? How have his ideas about the universe evolved? How does Voltaire exhibit that seeing the world through such a lens is too simplistic? What events lead the characters of Cunegonde and Maximilian to change their views of the value of wealth and privilege?

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Be sure to send the Huntington a copy! They aim to give students a better understanding of the many roles that contribute to a theatrical production.

As if preparing for the role in rehearsal, ask students to answer the following questions about their characters: a What is my objective in the play, and which obstacles stand in my way? Select an important moment from Candide.

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Use props and costumes, if possible, to enhance the performance. Students should consider their placement on the stage, blocking who moves where and when , gestures, vocal tone, and the intended emotional impact of the scene. Use the Characterization activity above to help students develop their assigned roles. MUSIC Have students listen to a selection of songs from popular American musicals, preferably from an assortment of prominent composers e.

Discuss what features they have in common, and what makes each of them unique. For an ambitious class or group of students, consider composing a song appropriate for a musical about your school or town with emphasis on the word appropriate! Have students each design a poster advertising an upcoming performance of Candide. Remember to include fictional dates of the performance, price of tickets, etc.